Leading Change

About us

These days organisations are always changing. But there isn’t always the expertise or capacity in-house to deliver change successfully – and that’s where we come in.

We help the worlds biggest and best companies get bigger and better. Improving processes, systems and changing behaviours and cultures – so our clients realise the benefits.

Sometimes we’re there just to give some straightforward advice, other times we’re asked to set-up and lead the team to deliver the change.

We’ve helped some of the worlds biggest companies become more successful, and some of the worlds newest companies to start off on the right foot. Whatever you need to change, we’re here to help – even if it’s just a friendly chat over a cappuccino...

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What we do

We help companies implement their strategies. We know change is never simple, and often a bit of expert help is required. It needs a dedicated team, of external and internal experts, who can lead and sustain the change.

We engage the people who need to deliver the change. We work with the senior leadership team to get alignment and a clear case for change, and engage the rest of the organisation to deliver a lasting change.

We provide the right mix of change experts and project managers with experience across different business sectors and functions, to work alongside the in-house team.


How we do it

We know that long-term change relies on people wanting to do things differently, long after we’ve left... so we use collaborative and fun ways to engage people to plan and deliver change in an organisation.

We engage and inspire people, so they understand and want to do things differently. Change inevitably requires extra effort, over-and-above the day-job, so creating a dynamic and rewarding environment matters.

We only ever use experts from our team who have been there and done it before... so our clients benefit from our experience, and we make a difference quickly.

We set challenging goals and celebrate success – keeping people motivated and moving in the right direction.


What we’re proud of

We’re proud to have made a lot of great companies better and bigger...

  • We helped the world’s biggest hotel company rethink how they manage their brands, and delivered a new set of brand standards and a global system into 2,500 hotels across the world. Click here to read more.
  • We helped one of the world’s biggest car retailers to develop and implement a 5 year plan which improved customer satisfaction in the UK.
  • We helped one of the UK’s biggest high-street retailers to develop a new Jewellery and Watch proposition, pilot and develop a roll-out plan across the UK.
  • We helped the world’s second biggest cruise company to develop a 3 year plan to grow their business and stand out from the competition.

And we’ve helped many others grow, merge, separate, move, sell more, participate online, etc. etc. etc.


Who we are

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Andy Poulter
Managing Director
Andy has been designing and leading complex change for over 20 years. Andy loves engaging people, facilitating workshop sessions and solving complex challenges.

Nick Wilson
Project Director
Nick has 25 years experience managing change programmes, and providing project management information solutions.

Mike Pearce
Project Manager
Mike is a highly experienced project manager, with a background in branding. Mike has been delivering successful change for over 25 years.

Edward McDermott
Technology Projects
Ed has been developing great technology solutions for global companies for over 20 years, using creative methods to design great technology experiences.

Diane Archer
People Projects
Diane has 25 years experience developing high-performing people and delivering successful people projects.

We have a fantastic network of tried and trusted associates who work with us to meet different client needs.


Contact us

To talk about how we could help you please contact Andy Poulter on 07730 662551 or email andy@leadingchangeconsultants.co.uk